EVO Minecraft 2016 – Week 1

Thank you to all who have gotten this course started.  I did a little last year, but work constraints kept me from keeping up with the program.  I’m hoping to do a bit more this year. Per instructions, I have introduced myself. (https://plus.google.com/116209614538239089720/posts/eJjv5M31hyu)

And have a Minecraft account.  Username eclegg@me.com.

And now I’ve a blog for my weekly reflections.

And I’ve submitted the form with all of the barely remembered info about my Skype & twitter accounts. Yes, my name is weftwaif.  I’m a weaver.

I have to work slowly through this stuff.  I’m not an ed tech person and have always worked with schools that frowned on technology so I’ve learned everything on my own just because I’m passionately interested in technology and education.  So I’m comfortable with some things like actually playing Minecraft and using Second Life, but I have to think through using all the communications tools that are necessary for a course like this.

Am hoping to meet all of you in-world.




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