Finally Getting to Play Around! Woo-hoooo!

Have been able to get into the server for about 3-4 nights now.  I got a good start on my house.


Finally learned how to fly. (Yes, I’ve been doing survival for 2 years so this flying thing is all new to me.)  Got a chance to get a good look at everyone’s very clever creations. Loved the tree house art museum!  I found a wonderful square house with a little mine cart running around the top.  When I tried to ride the mine cart, I destroyed it.  I am so sorry.  Big apologies to whomever’s home it was.

And some people have twinkling, pulsing glow blocks!  How do I do that?

At first, I thought creative mode was too cushy and not very interesting.  I’ve changed my mind about that.  I just did realize there were so many resources.





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