Thoughts on 3 Weeks in Creative Mode

I was just flying around and looking at everyone’s builds–so impressive, creative, imaginative, stupendous, etc.  Thank you, all, for making this a great experience.  Sorry I wasn’t in more often at the same time as others.  I did get to briefly meet BardRose and MPetrasco.

The redstone demo area was really helpful.  Thank you to whomever did that.

I am looking forward to joining you in survival mode.  I’ve done survival mode at a low level for several years and now, after seeing creative mode, I realize I’m going to have to put more effort into mining and finding different materials.  I’ve been mostly doing surface stuff and exploring a lot.  The one time I did get a really deep mine going, I was killed by silverfish.  That rather put me off the whole mining concept, but now I’m inspired to try it again.

None of this will be applicable to my students–all adult males (military) who think any games are a waste of time.  It’s interesting that when I bring out the circuit maker sets (available in the toy department at Target and from Amazon), my students are totally entranced.  It seems to me that Minecraft is the same thing–just on the computer and with a lot more possibilities.

Sigh. Maybe in another life I’ll get to teach middle school and use Minecraft.