Adventures in Survival Mode

My little hovel at night:


Attacking a zombie and trying to get a screenshot at the same time:




The Ending of MCEVO16 – Boo Hoo!

I’m really happy that I was able to participate in this TESOL seminar.  I’ll be back next year.

Especially exciting was the visit to Mircea’s World.  While I missed the tour, I went in later on my own to see what she had done.  2016-02-14_19.30.51.png

The multi-colored floating glow lights are inspiring–I want to figure out how to do that AND how to get them in the sky. Did she build ladders to do this?  Or, since this is creative mode, could she (or her students) just have flown up to place them.

At one point, I found myself in a dark cave-like world.  Somehow I got out of it, but wanted to go back and explore it some more.  I’ve just found out that we don’t have access to Mircea’s World.  Maybe next year?

Thanks again to everyone who made this such a fun experience!  Especially BardRose, TofuBeth, and MPetrasco.  Hope to see you at MCEVO17!

Thoughts on 3 Weeks in Creative Mode

I was just flying around and looking at everyone’s builds–so impressive, creative, imaginative, stupendous, etc.  Thank you, all, for making this a great experience.  Sorry I wasn’t in more often at the same time as others.  I did get to briefly meet BardRose and MPetrasco.

The redstone demo area was really helpful.  Thank you to whomever did that.

I am looking forward to joining you in survival mode.  I’ve done survival mode at a low level for several years and now, after seeing creative mode, I realize I’m going to have to put more effort into mining and finding different materials.  I’ve been mostly doing surface stuff and exploring a lot.  The one time I did get a really deep mine going, I was killed by silverfish.  That rather put me off the whole mining concept, but now I’m inspired to try it again.

None of this will be applicable to my students–all adult males (military) who think any games are a waste of time.  It’s interesting that when I bring out the circuit maker sets (available in the toy department at Target and from Amazon), my students are totally entranced.  It seems to me that Minecraft is the same thing–just on the computer and with a lot more possibilities.

Sigh. Maybe in another life I’ll get to teach middle school and use Minecraft.

House Completion (?) Announcement

I’ve finally gotten a version of my house that I’m temporarily happy with. Will be so sorry to lose it when we go to survival mode–getting all those mats in survival mode will take years!

Brief house description: ground floor with gardens bordered by moss stone. Roses, the pink flower, some blue flower. The ground floor houses the double bed, chests, furnace, and craft table.  The next floor, reached by wide wooden stairs is the library. From the library there is a white marble staircase to an unspecified room that is made of green glass.  There is a garden with a large acacia tree and a beam on the roof.  I’ve also added a cantilevered terrace to one side.

Next:  I want to learn how to make a railroad and use redstone! Hoping to see some people who can help me this weekend.



Finally Getting to Play Around! Woo-hoooo!

Have been able to get into the server for about 3-4 nights now.  I got a good start on my house.


Finally learned how to fly. (Yes, I’ve been doing survival for 2 years so this flying thing is all new to me.)  Got a chance to get a good look at everyone’s very clever creations. Loved the tree house art museum!  I found a wonderful square house with a little mine cart running around the top.  When I tried to ride the mine cart, I destroyed it.  I am so sorry.  Big apologies to whomever’s home it was.

And some people have twinkling, pulsing glow blocks!  How do I do that?

At first, I thought creative mode was too cushy and not very interesting.  I’ve changed my mind about that.  I just did realize there were so many resources.




Communities of Support and Teacher PD

I just finished re-reading Jeff’s article “Meaningful Play–Making Professional Development Fun.  I was struck by the importance of/emphasis on creating communities of learning where teachers interact.  Through communities, one finds and explores new ideas.  A corollary to this is that one must be self-motivated.  As with the chronically disengaged student, there are chronically disengaged teachers.  I’ve seen them come to my professional development sessions only because they want the credit for doing the year’s required PD, not because they are interested in the subject or technique I’m presenting. I think teachers need to be motivated to teach or, like many students who have no interest in learning English*,  they will never be truly effective in the classroom.

*I teach adult ESL for the US Air Force. 80% of our students are from the Middle East.

EVO Minecraft 2016 – Week 1

Thank you to all who have gotten this course started.  I did a little last year, but work constraints kept me from keeping up with the program.  I’m hoping to do a bit more this year. Per instructions, I have introduced myself. (

And have a Minecraft account.  Username

And now I’ve a blog for my weekly reflections.

And I’ve submitted the form with all of the barely remembered info about my Skype & twitter accounts. Yes, my name is weftwaif.  I’m a weaver.

I have to work slowly through this stuff.  I’m not an ed tech person and have always worked with schools that frowned on technology so I’ve learned everything on my own just because I’m passionately interested in technology and education.  So I’m comfortable with some things like actually playing Minecraft and using Second Life, but I have to think through using all the communications tools that are necessary for a course like this.

Am hoping to meet all of you in-world.